Music video for "One Tribe", the 1st single from Santa Cruz, CA metal band StormBat's 2nd album Decolonization.

This was a fun one to make. As with our last one, this is a combination of performance video with mixed in story/plot. We found this cool ventilation system for a location and thought it could look pretty creepy as a facility that someone was trying to escape, but couldn't. Maze-like. This video took the notch up as far as special effects compared to the last two music videos with Stormbat. In this we used fog machines, dry ice, fake blood, makeup, light gels, and of course all the props.

We shot it over two evenings, the first in a barn that we made creepy, and the 2nd in a ventilation system of a theater.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Devin Kumar.
Music by Stormbat.

Filmed with a Panasonic GH4. Lenses used: Panasonic 12-35mm and 8mm.
Alls shots handheld or with the Came-TV 7800 gimbal. First official shoot I have used this gimbal on! A lower budget alternative to the Movi M5.
This was also the first product I delivered in 4K resolution (UHD). While I've shot others in 4k, the end goal was always 1080p allowing for re-cropping, image stabilization, etc. This had none of that and all the shots were in 4k, so it was delivered in 4k!
StormBat is:
Zach Cox -Vocals
Ian Rusconi - Lead Guitar
Steve Huth - Rhythm Guitar
Morgan Rusconi - Bass
David Garcia - Drums

BTS photos:

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