A 1 minute short film, “Mountain Run” shot using the Google Pixel phone, to test out the video capabilities. I am pretty impressed with how it looks! Shot in about an hour as the sun was setting in the Santa Cruz Mountains. If you like this, let me know if you want me to keep making more videos with the Google Pixel!

Starring Soma Sharan.

I used the app “Cinema4K” with flat profile to record video in UHD 4K resolution. It was hard to control the shutter speed without an ND filter. ISO was set to 50 for almost all the shots, and the aperture on the Google Pixel is fixed at f2.0 I believe, so my shutter speed had to be quite fast to avoid over-exposing. So unfortunately there’s no motion blur which gives a more cinematic look.

Shot with a Zhiyun Crane gimbal, edited in Sony Vegas Pro, graded with FilmConvert. Music licensed by the Audio Network, song is “Love Is Home”.

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