A live performance studio concert recording ! Performed by Cyprian Consiglio and Joseph Hebert, shot in summer of 2020.

I was able to pull this one off as a one-man band! We filmed in a recording studio in Aptos, CA that I have worked in many times. It was just a matter of getting the room and mics set up, as well as 3 cameras. The wide camera was on a Rhino Motion slider looping back and forth. A second camera was a close-up static shot of the guitar. I was operating the third camera manually with a zoom lens.

The takes are all live without any editing of takes. Basically a live “concert” without an audience. Audio was re-mixed a bit afterwards and that’s it! Filming live music performances is one of my favorite types of video shoots.

Shot with Sony and Panasonic cameras. Microphones used are SM7b for Cyprian’s vocal, Neumann KM184’s on the guitar, and a Sennheiser MD441 and DPA clip on for cello (though I think we mostly used the MD441.

The video above is just one song from the concert, but this youtube link is of the full concert:

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