A musical offering for Easter 2014, of "Gagultha Malayil Ninnum", a song in Malayalam, performed by Father Cyprian and Brother Cassian at New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, California.
Filmed, edited, and recorded by Devin Kumar.

Cameras: Panasonic AF100 and Nikon D600. Nikon lenses. All natural light except a tiny LED fill light.
Mics: Neumann KM184′s on guitar, Neumann TLM103 on vocal. Recorded into a Presonus Firestudio and Macbook Pro.


Gagultha malayil ninnum
vilapathin mattolikelppu
evam enne krushil ettuvan
aparatham endhu njan cheythu? (x2)

Mundhiri njan nattu nigalkkai
mundhiri char orukki vecchu
engilumee kaippu neeralle,
daha shanthik enikku nalkki

Ningale njan uyarthan vannu
Krushil enne tharachu ningal
moksha vathil thurakkan vannu
shikshayayi en kaikal bandhicchu

Translation to English-

From hill of golgotha
came the cry of deep saddness
For you to put me on the cross
What sin have I done?

I planted the vineyards for you
I prepared the grape juice for you
and yet it is this vinegar
you give me to quench my thirst

I came to raise you up
yet you nailed me to the cross
I came to open the doors of liberation
as a punishment you bound my hands

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