One of my favorite projects I’ve done! Cyprian and I have been working together for over 10 years. In summer 2018, we produced a live concert in Santa Cruz, California which we filmed. It was a huge production; many cameras, sliders and tripods, crew, sound setup, and all with an audience! It took a huge amount of time, from the pre-production and all the planning, to the actual set up of the venue with gear, and then post-production which included mixing the entire show, editing the video, creating a DVD, and getting it onto Amazon Prime Video.

The video above is a 5 minute trailer of the concert which shows pieces of a few of the songs. You can buy the whole concert on Amazon Prime Video (here) and the DVD is available for purchase at New Camaldoli Hermitage.

The concert was filmed with GH5 and GH5S cameras with a variety of Panasonic, Olympus, and Veydra miniprime lenses. Some were recording internally while some were recording in ProRes to Atomos Ninja Flame recorders. We had a couple motorized sliders running the entire show back and forth, made by ProMedia.

For the sound, we ran the show with an A&H Qu-32 digital board for live and recording into a Mac Pro. The highlight of the audio recording for me was the piano mic, which was the Earthworks piano stereo bar. Incredible sounding stereo mic that goes inside the piano and sounded beautiful.

I also had a radio system with headsets on the camera operators so that I could talk to them and direct them throughout the show.

The official description of the video is:

“This is a filmed live performance of Fr. Cyprian and his musical collaborators from a fund raising concert held at beautiful Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz, CA, in June 2018, held also in honor of Cyprian’s 60th birthday. Professionally filmed, recorded and edited, this concert includes much of Cyprian’s wide ranging music over his decades’ long career in sacred music, world music, liturgical music and inter-religious music, featuring stunning performances by world-class musicians.”

Full concert playlist on Youtube:

Amazon Prime video here:

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