I have experience in many kinds of film and video applications from documentary/run-and-gun to music videos to fictional short films to event coverage. I specialize in documentary shoots and often edit and produce my own work from start to finish. See the booking page for more info.

I’ve decided to make my site more of a portfolio. Click on a category above to get started. I’ve tried to include some information about each video, why it was made, tech specs, etc. If you have any other questions about a project, leave a comment. But let me shut up and do take a look at some of the projects I’ve worked on!

STOCK VIDEO: Some of my footage, particularly aerial and nature footage, is available on Shutterstock for licensing. If you wish to license any of my footage to use in your project, head on over there to check out what’s available. Or if you see something here that’s not on Shutterstock, shoot me an email to discuss options for licensing. I’ll constantly be updating my available footage on Shutterstock.
Stock footage is also available on Adobe Stock! Click here.

4K Stock Aerial Footage! from Devin Kumar on Vimeo.

Shutterstock DKP